Some people are content to stay rooted in one place for their entire lives. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Smith is not one of them.

“Every once in a while, I like to be somewhere new,” says Smith, who migrated to Los Angeles in 2013 after spending most of his life in the snowbelt states of New York and Vermont.

That statement could also apply to his music, which seems to cover sonic territory so vast, trying to label it turns into a hunt for elusive adjectives. The truth is, we could use a few new ones to fully convey the landscapes depicted on his Music Road Records debut, Easy Prey (May 20, 2016). Traversing terrain where blues and soul intersect with traditional folk, Smith uses familiar reference points, but leads us to places we haven’t been before.

He gets us there with intelligent, yet accessible lyrics sung in a beguiling tenor, coupled with impeccable musicianship — most notably, deft keyboard work that ranges from the twinkly sheen of his Fender Rhodes to elemental honky-tonk blues. It’s a sound both urbane and earthy, delivered in a way that feels instinctive, not calculated.

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Latest Album – “Easy Prey”

Jonah’s new record “Easy Prey” will be released on May 20th, 2016 on Music Road Records. This is Jonah’s first full band studio record since Little Known Cure in 2012. It features longtime bandmates as well several special guests including David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Jess & Holly of Lucius, Ruthie Foster, Adam Levy and more.

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